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Wing Span Graphics
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~Wing Span Graphics~
Nezrin is the original founder of Wing Span, and is a beginner in graphics-making. She prefers artbooks instead of screencaps, but may use screencaps from time to time. She also makes stock icons, in which she abuses textures way too much. She likes to discover her own coloring style, but she fails immensely in cropping.
Mana-chan is a very close online buddy of Nezrin, so she was the first person who came in mind when Nezrin was looking for a partner. She likes her icons clean, simple, and neat. She finds coloring the hardest part in making an icon, and she does not abuse textures. Her likely fandoms to icon are Death Note, TeniPuri, and TeniMyu.
Feel free to browse around for the graphics you want. The tags would most likely help you navigate your way.

The rules are simple.

Please leave a comment if you're taking anything.
Credit either the icon-maker or the community, wing_span.
Hotlinking and redistributing anything that can be found in this community (as well as claiming them as your own) are big no-nos.
mknsen08 @ reachforeden
hirothepenguin, kuchren @ shuiyun
sun_soraya @ soleil_icons

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